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Reviews for Take Out Girl

“Lynna Yee is excellent.”

-Claudia Puig/FilmWeek (NPR)

“…Lynna Yee quietly steals your heart.”
-Mateo Moreno/The Arts Wire Weekly

“Yee’s performance is exceptional.”
-True View Reviews

“…Lynna Yee did phenomenal job… Watch it.”
-Watch or Pass

“Yee’s portrayal of Tera’s struggling mother is also notable in its emotional depth and heart, as she provides the foundation for both plot and the wider film itself. “
-Film Daze

“Yee also shines as the sweet, caring matriarch who works hard to provide what she can for her struggling family. Her acting allows for the care and concern shown for her by her children and niece to also be felt by the audience.”
-Cinema Babel